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Hypotheque Canada is the trusted source of Canadian Residents for all their mortgage and Lending needs. Our licensed mortgage professionals in partnership with lenders have been able to finance millions of dollars in mortgage business, while offerings wide range of mortgage products. We provide our customers with best mortgage rates and solutions to help them out with their Lender needs. Whether you are interested in taking out Home Equity from your property, or you are looking forward to purchasing your first home. HypothequeCanada.Org professionals are here to help you.

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"For us at Hypothque Canada, it is very critical that we make sure our customers get royal treatment, and it's not just the lip service but most importantly the financial matters. What could be the better way to look out for our customers, other than to provide them with the best low interest mortgage rates in Canada."

Hypotheque Canada offers wide range of mortgage loan products for our customers. Whether you are interested in taking out Home Equity from your property to finance your kid's education or are looking forward to financing a project. It can be for your first home purchase or for mortgage renewal with better custom tailored terms.

Hypotheque Canada Professionals are here to provide you with loan financing fitting your goals.


First home is no doubt a huge financial decision and there are a lot of financial variable to be aware about. For any first time home buying, professional advice is important and the great place to start. Our mortgage associates and team of best loan officers in Quebec specializes in guiding first time home buyers to me the most practical and sound decision.Low cost rate or low interest rate is important, and it is very exciting to take advantage of it, but it can overwhelming to sort through and analyzes all the options available in market. Most of the Canadian home owners do not realize that there are lots of hidden factors involved which are not market outright and results in thousands of dollars' worth of fees and numerous processing costs are ultimately are to be paid by the customers.
We always let our clients know that getting the best mortgage deals goes beyond the lowest interest rate, they have to look at the whole picture and that's where we think it is our responsibly to make customers aware of the all the options available to them, so they can truly get Low Cost Loan to finance their first home


Refinancing when done right can be invaluable asset. Best bet is to seek advice from Hypotheque Canada mortgage professional in assisting you. Mortgage Refinance pays off your previous loan or loans into the new one, this procedure can be used to obtain numerous benefits ranging from debt consolidation to home improvements, college expenses/fees and more.


Available of home equity in your home can be utilized to access money. Many of our customers have found this to be affordable ways to quickly access money. Whether you want to inquire about the possible equity prospects or you need to borrow against the equity to take care of your current objectives, our mortgage professionals will help setup the best route to take advantage of low interest loan rates in Quebec Canada.

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We are here to deliver excellent service, and we deliver it by designing mortgage process around our customers. So, you can get the quality service you deserve. The process is simple and straightforward. Get smooth and stress free mortgage application process.

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Mortgage Professional will reach you at the provided contact. Conversation with your Mortgage officer is crucial and sets the stage for the mortgage process. You will be discussing credit conditions, timeframe and discuss the best available mortgage options fitting your criteria.

Your mortgage officer will do all the work for you, file the process, iron out all the conditions and work with lenders to process your file as quick as possible. At Hypotheque Canada 95% of our clients get there loan approved within 2 Days, We see this as a testament to our dedication for you.

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We are always here to help you, it can be just the simple inquiry regarding your financial prospects, or you want to know about your loan and refinance prospects, we are here for you. Our Free consultation service provides you with the best mortgage/loan help and assistance you need. So do not hesitate to ask any question regarding your mortgage/financial situation.

We can be reached throughout the week during business hours. Applications and queries related to mortgage and loans are processed and attended within 24~48 hours. Weekends are generally off and all business activities start early Monday morning.

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